St. Dunstans Archers at Buckingham Palace

August 2006

picture of St. Dunstans winning team at Buckingham Palace.

picture of all archers and spotters at Buckingham Palace.

picture of St. Dunstans archers holding the Brigade Cup.

On Wednesday 6th August six archers Clive, David, Keith, Norman, Pat and Peter went to Buckingham Palace to shoot for the Brigade Cup. The St. Dunstans spotters were Enid, Sue, Brian, Colin, Malcolm and Phil. This Cup had last been competed for 20 years ago. norman had also competed in that shoot. Six archers from each of the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Army turned up to compete. St. Dunstans came first. the event was made possible by a massive support by Clickers Archery who set up the field.

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