Blind Veterans UK Bowmen formerly St Dunstans

VI Open - Barebow Recurve Records

Last Updated 24/6/14

Club Records

Junior WindsorRob Stevens3288/6/14
St. NicholasRob Stevens2072/6/14
Long Metric 5Rob Stevens4305/6/14
Double FrostbiteRob Stevens1896/6/14
PortsmouthDennis Cook35711/3/14
PortsmouthDennis Cook35711/3/14
WorcesterDennis Cook13110/3/14
25metre FITADennis Cook24812/3/14
Combined FITADennis Cook44114/3/14

Barebow - Recurve Away Records

Junior WindsorRob Stevens3741/6/14Ditchling

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