Blind Veterans UK Bowmen formerly St Dunstans

Bow sight - Compound Records

Last Updated 19/2/17

Bristol 4Keith L-Harding 125530/8/11
Junior WindsorCliff Ford 71212/6/04
Junior WesternKeith L-Harding8329/6/12
St. NicholasKeith L-Harding7124/6/12
Junior NationalKeith L-Harding61825/5/09
Junior WarwickKeith L-Harding42627/8/13
Short Metric 3Steve Moseley 29/8/02
Short Metric 3Keith L-Harding 39026/8/07
Double FrostbiteSteve Moseley 63227/8/08
FrostbiteSteve Moseley 30730/8/07
V.I.I.R.Steve Moseley 102927/8/06
Burntwood HerefordKeith L-Harding 108525/5/08
PortsmouthSteve Moseley 54618/1/10
Bray 1Keith L-Harding 24128/8/08
WorcesterKeith L-Harding 27422/1/09
WA 18metreSteve Moseley 49121/1/10
WA 25metreKeith L-Harding51923/1/10
WA Combined (Over 2 days)John Cunnington81519/2/16

Bow sight Compound Away Records

WindsorJohn Cunnington73024/7/16Crawley
Short WindsorKeith L-Harding9343/6/12Ditchling
WesternJohn Cunnington6709/6/16Meridian AC
NationalJohn Cunnington4807/5/16Meridian AC
Long Metric 4Pat Sidnell4969/9/12Lilleshall
Burntwood AlbionJohn Cunnington79022/5/16Royal Toxophilite Society
WA 1440John Cunnington117117/7/16Sussex County Champs
Burntwood M900John Cunnington64423/7/16Crawley
WorcesterJohn Cunnington24217/4/16Lilleshall
Portsmouth/TD>John Cunnington49619/11/16City of Norwich
Double Portsmouth/TD>John Cunnington100519/11/16City of Norwich
WA 25metreJohn Cunnington44516/4/16Lilleshall
WA 18metreJohn Cunnington42116/4/16Lilleshall
WA CombinedJohn Cunnington86616/4/16Lilleshall

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