St. Dunstans Archery Club

Review 2003

It is with this letter that News,Congratulations and a little humour will be circulated. But most of all its what goes on within the club and what is happening next shall be concentrated on.

This newsletter may give the impression that there are only a few members of St. Dunstans Archery Club. However this is not true. Currently there are about 25 members. Either those mentioned are the ones who are lucky to have the support and opportunity to attend events, or we do not get reports from anyone else.

The Year in brief 2003 was an exciting year for all within St DunstansArchery Club.

At the February Annual general meeting, David Poyner was awarded the G.N.A.S. handicap medal for reducing his handicap the most during 2002. Also Norman perry decided to stand down from the committee, after 25 years service. Steve Moseley was voted onto the committee.

During the February week, Derek Hagger presented Cliff Ford, with the wood worm trophy. This was a trophy which Derek had made, to display the fact that Cliff had shot more into the wood than the scoring zone, during the indoor season.

In both BBS National Championships, all archers did well,with a few National Records broken. It is not only at BBS that records were broken,Nigel Whiteley in Prague, with a British and European record. Clive Jones, John Lilley, Steve Moseley and David Poyner have all set national records at other events.

3 Archers shot at the GNAS Senior Indoor Championships, Clive Jones, David Poyner and John Lilley competed and did extremely well, and were presented GNAS medals, the first Tactile archers to own such medals. In the Welsh Indoor Championships in Cardiff, Terry Ottewell and Clive Jones both shot well, it was the first time V.I archers had shot in the event.

Derek Hagger, Steve Moseley, David Poyner and Nigel Whiteley were selected for the Great Britain team for this year.

In April, Cliff Ford, Clive Jones, John Lilley, Terry Ottewell, Norman Perry and David Poyner went to Belgium to renew acquaintance with Jan Bearman and his visually impaired archers. WE all shot well, we won and congratulations to John for the highest score by a long way.

At Lyneakres in April, Clive Jones, David Poyner and Nigel Whiteley shot a New National, a round at 100 yards and 80 yards. All three archers shot to or better than their handicaps.

Congratulations go to Steve Moseley, who was awarded the grade of Bowman, and David Poyner and John Lilley, were awarded their 3rd Class badges, this is a first for the Club, and they should be commended for their efforts.

Clive Jones, was nominated for the West Midlands sports personality of the year.

David Poyner was nominated for, and won comfortably the Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council Sports Achiever of the year award.

Clive Jones, competed in the 150th Grand National Archery Meeting, and shot well, beating several sighted Longbow archers over 100 yards, 80 yards and 60 yards.

Harry Docherty, Tom Roddy,Tony Parkinson, David Poyner and Clive Jones, were invited to an annual shoot at the Royal Toxophilite shooting ground in Burnam; by the Royal Company of Fletchers. Tom Roddy came second in the competition receiving an engraved wine glass; and David Poyner came third, receiving an engraved whisky tumbler.

On one of the coldest days in May, Norman Perry, Burt Wood, Nigel Whiteley, Cliff Ford and Derek Hagger competed in the Newhaven Western. Whilst the raffle was on Burt retired to the car and missed the rain. Norman won a ladies handbag which caused some amusement. The spotters, Sue, Colin, Barbara, June, Malcolm and Maria (Newhaven member) will vouch for the freezing temperatures and rain. Usually the day has good weather but this year was an exception.

On an extremely hot day in June, Sue Habgood, Colin, Barbara, Phil Varden, Malcom, Nigel & Jackie ran a "have a go" day, under the auspices of St Dunstans archery club in conjunction with the RNIB's sponsored "Death Slide". It was a most enjoyable busy weekend with plenty of interest both in archery and St Dunstans. We received 59.99 in donations. It looks like we will be asked back next year; if only to let everybody witness the sight of Colin use the death slide as only a Yorkshire man could.

Tony Parkinson was awarded a handicap trophy, by his club Blackpool Bowmen. This was due to the fact he reduced his handicap on Burntwood rounds throughout the year, by 11 points. Well done Tony.

3 Archers, Clive Jones, David Poyner and John Lilley, all shot in the Much Wenlock Olympics. A first for the event to have Tactile Archers in over 100 Years of exsistence.

4 archers took part in the DSE North Wesh Championships, they all shot very well , competing against other Disabled archers. They were Clive Jones, David Poyner, John Lilley and Tony Parkinson.

At the Sussex champs, Cliff Ford, Steve Moseley, Norman Perry and Nigel Whiteley did well, once more flying the flag for St. Dunstans.

In the June archery week, John Lilley decided to stand down as chairman, and David Poyner was voted in as acting chair. John still intends to serve as a committee member.

Terry Ottewell was the only St. Dunstans member to attend the Disability Sports England national event in Slough. At the Lancashire County Championships, David Poyner was the only tactile archer amongst 250 other archers. David set a new national record on that day; for what was then called the Burntwood FITA round.

Derek Hagger and Nigel Whiteley, accompanied by Sue habgood and Colin Dickinson went to Prague to shoot for the British squad. Nigel set new records for the Visually Impaired International Round both at national and European standards. Nigel and Derek also shot the Burntwood FITA 70 for the first time.

In August the archery club was presented with a buggy which David Poyner, single handedly organised and fund raised. It is now that David Habgood can be seen flying up and down the hill at Ovingdene with all our Archery equipment. This buggy which I am sure many of us appreciate, saving our energy in moving kit up that hill! Thank you David.

picture showing the new buggy at Ovingdean.
Congratulations go to Peter Hammond, Harry Docherty, Roger Tye and Tom Roddy, for their efforts during the August week. Also a big well done goes to Eric Bradshaw, for the courage and determination to still enjoy archery. Thank you to John Crout for adapting a system for Erics wheel chair and helping him to not only shoot, but to enjoy archery again.

In the Welsh Outdoor Clive Jones, David Poyner and John Lilley all shot doing well, David and Clive even camped for the week end in a Tent, with it raining for approximatley 18 hours(clive next year is taking the caravan).

In October, Clive, Derek and Norman attended the Soup shoot at Chichester Bowmen, which is Malcolm HIgmanÕs club.

In October, Clive, John, Nigel and David went to the World Conker Championships, to demonstrate what visually impaired archery is all about. This is an event which raises money for visually impaired charities individuals. There were in excess of 5,000 people there.

The shooting ground in Ovingdene is due to be flattened by the Royal Engineers, estimated time of finishing is not known at the moment. however I am sure when it is completed we shall have a flat even shooting ground.

Terry Ottewell attended the Gwent indoor, the first event of the indoor season.

A group of 7 archers, Clive, Steve, Tom, John, Nigel, Norman and Dave went to Norwich to shoot a double Portsmouth against taverham archers. The hotel was superb; but the less said about the archery result, the better. However not to detract from individual archer’s achievements as John, Nigel, Tom and Clive all shot above handicap. The fact that Taverham brought in some very good juniors is irrelevant.

It is also to be noticed that not only the archers spend a lot of time competing around the country, the coaches and spotters are to be commended. Sue Habgood and Colin Dickinson, should be thanked not only for their commitment with St-Dunstans but also with the hard work that they both put in whilst being part of the Development Team for BBS Archery, which develops and helps Visually Impaired men, women and juniors around the country.

I am sure, that all St-Dunstans archers would like to welcome Malcolm Higman to the Club, a true friend to the club and a valuable asset.

During the year, two Robin Hoods have been shot by St. DunstanÕs archers. Congratulations to Norman Perry, and Roger Tye, for that incredible feat. For the uninitiated, a Robin hood, is shooting one arrow directly inside another arrow already on the boss. Never mind Norman, and Roger, at least they were your arrows.


It goes without saying, that St-Dunstans Archery Club, has come along way this year. Without the Coaches, Spotters and other Volunteers, who show the hard work and outstanding commitment to not only the individual archers and the club, but to St-Dunstans on a whole.

Without the kindness and good will of the sighted volunteers, we must remember and appreciate,without them, there would be no Archery in St-Dunstans.

One group that must be acknowledged is the group of archers who meet at 7.30 a.m., every day, during outdoor weeks and set up the field ready for shooting.

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