St. Dunstans Archery Club


our annual shoot against Taverham and Thorpe Hamlet Juniors took place in Norwich on Sunday 19th November. the round was a double Portsmouth. Six archers made the trip Marjorie, Clive, David, Keith, Pat and Peter. St. Dunstans won with four archers shooting over handicap, the winning team being Clive, David, Keith and Pat. Two of the tactile archers shot over 800 and one was only just below that figure.

picture of st. Dunstans winning team at Norwich.

In NOvember Bert passed away,he was a valued member of the committee and a long standing member of the club.

The August week went well with good weather, apart from the final Saturday when the round was shortened due to bad weather. unfortunately st. Dunstans came second to Newhaven and Ditchling were third. the start was a shoot against Hellingly which st. Dunstans narrowly won.

on the wednesday six archers Clive, David, Keith, Norman, Pat and Peter went to Buckingham Palace to shoot against the Royal Navy, Royal air Force and Army for the Brigade Cup. it was last shot for 20 years ago, Norman was in that team as well. St. dunstans came first. the event was made possible by a massive support by Clickers Archery who set up the field.

Brigade Cup - Buckingham Palace August 06

Terry went to the Czech Republic to shoot under IPC rules. Three archers competed and Terry won Gold.

Steve shot a FITA and was awarded his 1000 FITA star badge shooting 1034. proving he is now used to his compound bow.

Peter shot at the Sussex championships and also went to the Isle of Wight to shoot a junior Western, where he achieved a personal best.

Clive shot at the wenlock Olympiaid at Much Wenlock; it was so windy that clive changed to stronger limbs for the Western and ended up with a personal best.

In the first outdoor week in May/JUne, st. Dunstans held their first British Blind Sport archery invitation shoot. a Burntwood 1 (York equivalent) was shot in incredibly hot weather. this shoot will be an annual event.

The BBC were also filming during the day to make a "Lifeline " appeal to raise money for British blind Sport.

Steve turned up with a compound bow changing over from recurve and promptly won "Worst white" at the tri-service shoot. perhaps after all, compound bows are not all that easy. at this shoot the Army came first, St. Dunstans second and the RAF third. The RN only had one member in the team.

Peter shot over a 1000 on a Bristol 4 probably the first tactile archer ever to do so.a JUnior Western was shot against a strong turnout from Ditchling which we narrowly won. again Taverham and thorp Hamlet JUniors made the long journey from Norwich and brought excellent weather with them. The St. Nicholas was won by Thorp Hamlet juniors

Terry has shot around the country as a "blindfold" archer to improve his chances of qualifying for paralympic selection.

At the British Blind Sport National Indoor Archery championships in April, at Lilleshall, Shropshire St. Dunstans did very well. Peter, Harry and David were first in their categories. Norman, Terry, Tom and Marjorie were second. Clive came third. Patrick shot for the first time and was first in his category. Harry and David set National records for the single Portsmouth round.

St. Dunstans shot a Bray 1 against Hellingly but unfortunately lost. The archers were Norman, Peter, Cliff and Marjorie. Norman and Cliff were awarded handicap medals.

Terry and David met up at the North wales championships, Deeside. Terry shot the Double Portsmouth and David shot the single.

Tom shot the combined FITA, setting a new national record.

Our new President Wendy Legassic chaired her first AGM. At the AGM held in January, Harry Docherty stood down as a committee member and Patrick Sidnell was elected in his place.
Peter Hammond was awarded the GNAS handicap medal.
Steve Moseley was awarded the Guegan gold.
Peter Hammond was awarded the tactile Archers Gold.
Ditchling beat us by more than 150 points in an evening shoot.
Keith Lanchester-Harding, a new archer, last picked up a bow 7 years ago, at St. Dunstans walked off with several medals.
Ron and Noel also won annual trophies.

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