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six archers and spotters made the trip to Norwich to shoot against thorpe Hamlet Jniors and a team made up by Clickers Archery. the round was a double Portsmouth. despite lots of heckling and good banter throughout the day, St. Dunstans managed to win.

St Dunstan’s archery team of five members and two associate members attended the BBS National Championships at Lilleshall, National Sports Centre. Shropshire on the 8/9 Sept 2007.
st. Dunstans achieved great success in winning 4 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze medals. Peter setting a new National Record.
First were Steve Moseley, Tom Roddy, David Poyner, Peter Hammond and Patrick Sidnell.
Second were Terry Ottewell and Clive JOnes.
Third were Harry Docherty and Marjorie Scott.
The David Christie Memorial trophy waswon by david Poyner.

on the Sunday morning a Frostbite round took place. Peter was second in the blackout section and David Poyner won the "Blinkies" trophy for those shooting non-blackout.

Saturday 25th August the last of our archery weeks for this year, and what a start. After all the bad weather that we have had this year, Summer started at Ovingdean with a sizzling 26 degrees.
14 club records were either broken during this week.
our first shoot against a visiting club was against Hellingly. unfortunately we lost by a short margin. the St. Dunstans team were ron Jones, Clive JOnes, Pat Sidnell and Leslie George.
in The Derek Hagger knockout once again it was an interesting competition withe 1st place going to Peter Hammond, 2nd place to Tom Roddy and 3rd place to STeve Moseley.
The Club Championship shoot was a bristol 4. Six gold ends were achieved by Tom Roddy and Keith Lanchester-Harding.
Friday evening was the club presentation night. 40 archers, family, coaches, spotters and some friends from other clubs attended. Our “Lady P” was Kate Barret from rehab and training and we would like to give her a big thank you for honoring us with her presence. The awards were made for the competitions that we had shot over the past week. The Royal Insurance award went to Ron Jones for winning the Short Metric 3.
The club champions for the different categories were as follows Ladies champion Margery Scott, Totally Blind Peter Hammond, Tactile David Poyner, Open bow site compound Steve Mosley, Open bow sight recurve Tom Roddy and the Coaches award went to Pat sidnel.
our second shoot against visiting clubs was a three way shoot against Ditchling and Newhaven. a total of 40 archers were on the line. St. Dunstans won the match with New Haven 2nd and Ditchling coming third. The winning St. Dunstans team were Eileen Thomson, Tom Roddy, Clive Jones and Keith Lanchester-Harding. On Sunday Dave Poyner, Clive Jones and Pat Sidnell all travelled to Gosport to shoot in the Navy Cup at HMS Collingwood. Accompanied by Sue Habgood, Colin Dickinson and Brian Muggridge.
The results were ass follows: 1st Compound-Dave Poyner 1st Recurve-Pat Sidnell 2nd Recurve-Clive Jones. Clive also won Best Gold for the tournament.

The first outdoor week got off to a wet start. the Sunday was the second time that St. Dunstans Archery Club held an invitation shoot to other visually impaired archers. four Belgian archers and three British Blind Sport archers attended. It was wet and cold but the shoot was completed with only a couple of archers not finishing. The British team beat the Belgian team by 23 points.
on the Monday we moved indoors to shoot against Hellingly. St. Dunstans won by 243 points.
Tuesday was the traditional Tri-Service shoot where archers from the three services descend on Ovingdean from all over the country and sometimes further afield. The RAF were first, St. Dunstans second, the RN third and the army came fourth only providing two archers.
The RUC pairs was won by Steve and Leslie. the Curly Wagstaffe was won by Patrick.
Saturday saw a match against Ditchling in better weather. St. Dunstans won by 330 points but a special mention must go to Rick of Ditchling who achieved a perfect score.
Sunday was a shoot against Thorpe Hamlet Juniors from Norwich which they comfortably by 1051 points. Thank you to Clickers archery in making the long trip to ensure that the shoot takes place.

At the British Blind Sport National Indoor Championships at Lilleshal, St. Dunstans were down by two archers as Clive and David had been struck down by a virus. however, Patrick, Peter and Terry came First, Marjorie and Harry came second and Norman third in their respective categories.

In March, Clive, David and Patrick travelled to Ovingdean to make up a team with Marjorie, Norman and Peter to shoot at Hellingly. unfortunately the event was cut short due to lack of time.

At the AGM held in January a new committee member was elected onto the committee. the committee is now:
David Poyner - Chair
Clive JOnes - vice-Chair
Peter Hammond
Keith Lanchester-Harding
Patrick Sidnell
Nigel Whiteley

The indoor week was down in numbers for various reasons. In spite of this we still held competitions against Ditchling and Hellingly.Ditchling narrowly lost by 21 points the St. Dunstans team was David, Keith, Patrick and Ron. the FITA 25 against Hellingly was won by 36 points. The winning team was Doug, Keith, Leslie and Norman.
As we were downin numbers we entered three extra archers into norman's shoot who all went on to win prizes. Keith was first, Patrick second and Norman was third. well done Norman for winning your own shoot.

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