St. Dunstans Archery Club


We were sad to hear that Des Clark from the Worshipful Company of Fletchers and a good friend of St. Dunstans archery club died last week. Clive Jones will represent us at the funeral on Thursday 4 December.

Five St. Dunstans archers made the annual November trip to Norwich to shoot against Thorpe Hamlet Juniors and a team from Clickers Archery called "Charlie's Archers'. Despite four personal bests and one club record being shot by the St. Dunstaners, well done to Thorpe Hamlet Juniors for finally beating us.

St. Dunstans team

Our Second outdoor week was not the usual sunny event until the final Saturday when 45 archers were on the line in a 3 way shoot between St. dunstans, Ditchling and Newhaven. st. Dunstans came third.

picture of 45 archers in front of St. Dunstans at Ovingdean

During the week Doug, Keith, Pat, Peter, Steve and Tom all broke club records St. dunstans won the match against Hellingly, Tom won the Derek Hagger knockout trophy. Club champions were Peter, Pat, Tom, Steve and Marjorie. Doug won the Curly Wagstaffe trophy and David won the Royal Insurance trophy. They "Eeyore" award was passed on by Brian to John.

Peter attended the Sussex Champs in July, shot a VIIR and once again broke his own National Record.

On June 8th Clive, David, Pat and Peter went to sherwood Archers, Nottingham to shoot a Burntwood round. The facilities were superb and well hosted. the weather was sunny and hot. Peter shot a new national record.

OUr first outdoor week again started with an open invitation weekend to other VI archers. A team from Belgium once again made the journey which was well worth while as they beat our team which set the standard for the week. On the Bank Holiday Monday we shot against Hellingly, indoors due to the weather but again we were beaten. our trip to Sandhurst for the tri-service shoot was in glorious weather , once again we were beaten by all three services. the final weekend saw a shoot against ditchling who beat us and on the final Sunday Grham from clickers Archery, Norwich made the long journey to bring his juniors from Thorpe Hamlet Juniors club, they met up with a team from Southampton University and we had an excellent shoot. however once again St. Dunstans came last. during the week we had two club shoots one being the RUC pairs which was won by Keith and Leslie.

On a weekend in May, Clive attended a shoot organised by GNAS, the following day he was accompanied by Peter and Harry to attend the shoot for Disabled Archers at Burnham by the Royal Toxophilite Society.

At the British Blind Sport National Indoor Archery Championships at LIlleshall in April we did well with 4 firsts, 3 seconds and 2 thirds. Clive was re-elected onto the committee and Peter was on the committee for the first time.

in March Peter shot a Portsmouth at the Sussex Championships and set a new national record with an amazing score of 432.

In March Harry and Tom went to whitburn to shoot a combined FITA. Harry set a national record for the combined FITA and tom set records for the 18, 25 and combined FITA records.

The indoor week went well with 11 St. Dunstans archers turning up at Ovingdean. A Portsmouth was shotagainst a team from Southampton University. Southampton University won by 67 points. The st. Dunstans team wrre Clive, David, Keith and Peter. The Longhill trophy was won by Keith with David second and Ron third.

Tuesday was a Portsmouth round. Keith was first with Peter second and Pat third. Wednesday club shoot had Keith and Eileen sharing first place and Peter was third. Wednesday saw Ditchling visiting to shoot a FITA 18. St Dunstans narrowly won by 34 points. The winning team were David, Eileen, Keith and Pat.

Thursday was the Laurie Austin trophy. This was won by Clive, with Keith second and Eileen third.

Friday was Norman's FITA 25. This was won by Keith, Norman second and David third.
at the Annual General Meeting the committee were re-elected that is David, Clive, Nigel, Peter, Pat and Keith.
the GNAS handicap medal was won by Keith. The Guegan gold was won by Steve and the tactile Gold was won by Peter.
Saturday saw a FITA 25 against Hellingly. St. Dunstans won this final shoot of the week by 93 points. The St. Dunstans team were David, Keith, Pat and Tom.

Keith had an amazing week starting off on a handicap of 63 and ending u on 34.

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