St. Dunstans Archery Club


In December David was admitted to hospital with kidney failure. Nigel is slowly recovering from a long illness.

7 archers were due to shoot at our annual shoot in Norwich in November. However our two archers who reside in Wales did not have valid passports and never left home. Down to 5, we shot at a new venue which was very accommodating. Sadly, we were thoroughly beaten and look forward to the return match next year. Once again a big thank you to Clickers, Thorpe Hamlet Junior Archers and the new school for a relaxing weekend.

Fantastic news! Keith has benn selected for the ARchery GB disabled squad. What a feat for a blind archer to be shooting amongst the sighted world.

In Septermber 11 of our archers travelled to Lilleshall for the British Blind Sport national outdoor archery championships. We came away with 6 firsts, 4 seconds and a third. David and Pat also broke their repsective sight categories' national records.
On the Sunday we shot a Junior Warwick at LIlleshall. Eileen won the handicap shoot and Peter won the blackout shoot, with an incredible score of 370.

For our second outdoor archery week the weather could have been better. However we shot outdoors every day. Our club champions for the year are Carole, Peter, Pat, Adrian and Keith. The coaches award went to Willoughby. We won the shoot aginst Ditchling, Hellingly and Newhaven. The shoot against Greenways was reincarnated and shot under a wonderful atmosphere. I am glad to say that we won, maybe due to David shooting longbow but who knows?

In August the IPC held a World Championships in the Czech Republic. It is disappointing to see that only Italy , Belgium and the USA sent archers. Sadly Archery GB (GNAS) do not think that is worth supporting blind archery in this way.
Well done to the three archers who attended with some awesome scores, the highest being 1202.

In June Pat and Peter attended a Windsor shoot at Ditchling where they both set club records.

Our first outdoor week started on Saturday 23rd May with an open invitation weekend to other visually impaired archers.The rest of the week was busy with a second place in the tri-service shoot with the Roayal Navy coming first.
Our regular shoot against Ditchling we won by only 57 points, shot once again in fantastic weather.
Once again Taverham archers and graham from Clickers Archery made the long journey from Norwich and members of Southampton University archery club came to make it an interesting three way shoot, again in superb weather. We narrowly won by 4 points!
Adrian won the Curly Wagstaffe trophy, Keith and Marjorie won the R U C pairs with Adrian and John second, Peter and Eileen were third.
The Derek Hagger knockout was won by Pat with Peter second and David third.

In April 7 members and 3 asso iate menbers attended the British Blind Naional Indoor Championships at lIlleshall. We achieved four first places. Peter broke his own National Record. David won the 25 metre FITA on the Sunday.
at The British Blind sport Archery Section AGM David Poyner was re-elected as chair.

At the club AGM held on the monday 19th January the existing committee. This consists of club members David - chair, Clive - vice-chair, Keith, Nigel, Pat and Peter.

5 new members attended their first indoor week, Carole, Adrian, Dennis, John and Willoughby.
The week went well with 3 Portsmouths, 2 FITA 25's, 1 FITA 18 and 1 Worcester being shot.
the Longhilll trophy was won by Keith with Doug second and Pat third..
The Laurie Austin trophy was won by Eileen with Pat second and David third.
The Portsmouth shot on Tues 20th was won by Pat with Keith second and Doug third.
The FITA 18 was won by John, Norman came second and Marjorie was third.
The Worcester was won by Adrian with Norman second and Eileen third.
Norman's shoot was won by Doug with Keith second and Pat and David sharing third place. Only point separated Keith, Pat and David.
Friday's FITA 25 was won By ADrian with Marjorie and Clive sharing second place.
at the presentation held on the FRIday evening Peteer was Preesented with tactile archers gold for 2008, Keith was presented with the GUegan Gold for 2008 and also the GNAS handicap medal.
A shoot took place against ditchling, a local club, Ditchling won the match.

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