St. Dunstans Archery Club

News 2010

In November 6 archers their spotters and Brian travelled from far and wide to descend on Norwich for our annual shoot against Thorpe Hamlet Juniors and others. We lost by 147 points. Our team that came second was Marjorie, Clive, David and John.

In September 8 archers made the journey to Lilleshall, Shropshire for the british Blind Sport National outdoor archery championships. We came away with 5 firsts, 1 second and 1 third. the vening dinner was a celebration dinner for the 25th anniversary of BBS archery.

In August the Brigade Cup was shot for against teams from the royal Navy, the Royal Air Force and the Army. This time the competition took place in the moat of HM Tower of London. Yet again St. Dunstans came first.

Once again during the 2 outdoor weeks we were visited by sighted clubs Ditchling, Hellingly, Newhaven, Southampton University, Thorpe Hamlet Juniors, and a team from Clickers Archery who all enjoyed winning.

In May Nigel resigned from the committee but wished to remain a member of the club.

At a meeting of British Blind Sport Archery section in March it was agreed that the Burntwood York would start on a 40cm face proceed to a a 60cm face then finish on a 80cm face. The Burntwood Hereford round would start on a 60cm face, then onto a 80cm face and finish on a 122cm face.
Similarly a Burntwood St. George would start on a 40cm face then onto a 60cm face and finish on a 80cm face. A Burntwood Albion would start on a 60cm face, then onto a 80cm face and finish on a 122cm face.
All previous Burntwood York records will be re-classified as Burntwood Hereford records. Similarly all previous Burntwood St. George records will be re-classified as Burntwood Albion records.

In March it was very sad to announce the passing away of Eric Bradshaw, one of the founder members of the archery club.

After 3 months in hospital David was finally discharged from hospital.

The Indoor week was down in numbers this year, partly due to illness and partly due to accommodation charges.
We hosted competitions against Southampton University, Hellingly and Ditchling. Unfortunately we lost all three.
During the week various records were broken by Pat, Peter and John Bower.

At the AGMM the committee were re-elected that is David, Clive, Keith, Nigel, Pat and Peter.
It was good to see Nigel at the AGM.

The year started off with Terry being admitted to hospital for some major surgery. We wish him well.

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