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November saw 5 St. Dunstans archers, David Poyner, Peter Price, John Bower, Bert Nelson and Doug Rogers travel with their spotters Jane, Linda, Henry, Brian and Cliff to Norwich for our shoot against Thorpe Hamlet. Most of the archers visited Clickers archery shop on the Saturday to buy bows and associated equipment. The round on the Sunday was a Double Portsmouth. We were beaten by a very narrow margin 11567 to 11546 - only 21 points in it. Our team was David, Peter, Doug and Bert.
Bert won the highest handicap adjusted score for recurve bows.
There was also a longbow challenge between Graham Harris of Clickers Archery and David Poyner on a straight score, for the single Portsmouth. Graham scored 266 and David 217. David will have to improve for next year.
Thanks to Graham and his team for such an enjoyable weekend.

Saturday 8th September saw the start of the British Blind Sport Archery national outdoor championships in glorious sunshine. The sun lasted all weekend.
The results were as follows:
Gentlemen (B1 Recurve) 1st Harry Docherty 291
Gentlemen (B2/3 Recurve) 1st Peter Price 748
Gentlemen (B2/3 Compound) 1st David Poyner 383
Gentlemen (Open Compound) 3rd Patrick Sidnell 775
Gentlemen (Open Recurve) 1st Tom Roddy 821

This was the first time that Pat had shot using a bow sight.

The Sunday round was a Long Metric 4. Harry was second in the competition for those who choose to wear blackouts and David was first in the handicap adjusted round and winner of the “Blinkie” cup.

The quiz on the Saturday produced a tie-break between the teams. The tie-break was to be a practical one. The individual from each team who could make and fly a paper plane the furthest. Well done Peter price who won by yards.

In September Clive Jones resigned from the position of vice-chair. For many years Clive has helped with the running of the club and his hard work was fully appreciated.

I do not yet have any results from our August outdoor archery week.

This is an article regarding the meeting that took place on Thursday 30th august about the future of visually impaired paralympic archery. It has been taken from the World archery website.

"At the Paralympic Games in London a meeting took place between World Archery and representatives of Blind Archery in Great Britain.
As World Archery Secretary General, Tom DIELEN noted, "there have been so few people entering the events World Archery has promoted, it has not been possible to hold a competition."
It appears the major issue for athletes who have a limited amount of vision, is they want to be able to use the little they have and not wear a blind fold.
At present the rules have just a single class for men and women regardless of whether they shoot recurve or compound. The Visually Impaired (VI) round is shot at 30m with different sized target faces used to imitate longer distances. At this 30m distance the bow types are very similar in performance as are the men and women.
David POYNER of Blind Archery has proposed a change which we all hope will encourage more athletes to compete in archery.
It is suggested there be two sport classes for VI just as there are different classes for those with a physical disability:
Ø B1 for those totally blind archers who would continue to wear a blind fold. Ø B2 and B3, who have small amounts of vision, would use a tactile sight and not wear a blind fold.
World Archery is seeking to hold a three-day seminar/competition in June or July 2013 at which there would be an exchange of information, coaching techniques, classification and, on the final day, a competition.
If the competition is successful and a significant number of people participate, there may be the opportunity to include a VI division in the World Archery Para Championships in Bangkok in November 2013.
It is likely that the seminar/competition would take place in Great Britain, and ArcheryGB is considering what may be possible in terms of facilities and logistical support.
Tom DIELEN thanked David POYNER for his contribution which followed a BBC radio debate between the two men and, with Rita VAN DRIEL, chairwoman of the World Archery Para-Archery Committee, assured the VI community of improved support and communication.
Carole A HICKS World Archery Para-Archery Committee"

World Archery - Report of Meeting

On Sunday 17th JUne at Cambridge AA shoot Peter Price shot 874 for a Bristol 3. This has set a National record.

On Sunday 10th June at St. Dunstans archery club, Peter Price a B2 tactile archer scored 504 for a Portsmouth round. I believe that this is the first time one of our tactile archers has ever shot over 500 for tis round. A tremendous effort.

Our second archery week was from Saturday 2nd until Sunday 10th JUne.

Sunday we travelled to Ditchling Archery Club. The round was a Junior Windsor. Ditchling won. Our team were Bert Nelson, Kelvin Platt, David Poyner and Peter Price.
Mondays was a club shoot for the Currly wagstaffe Trophy. The round was a St Nicholas. 3rd place went to Clive Jones, 2nd place was Kelvin Platt and the winner of the Curly Wagstaff Trophy was Bert Nelson.
Tuesday was the tri-service match. The round was due to be a Junior Western but due to terrible weather shortened it to a Junior National. The Army came first, Navy 2nd, St-Dunstans 3rd with the RAF finishing 4th. The St-Dunstans team were Peter Price, David Poyner, Bert Nelson and Paul Palmer.
Wednesday was the Diamond Jubilee Shoot. Kelvin Platt came 3rd, Michael Foreman 2nd and Bert Nelson was the winner.
Friday was shot indoors. The round was a Portsmouth for the RUc Pairs Trophy. Eileen Thompson and Keith Lanchester-Harding came 2nd, the winning pair were Peter Price and Michael Forman.
Saturday was against Ditchling and Newhaven. The round was a Junior Western. New Haven came 3rd, St. Dunstans 2nd and Ditchling the winners. The St. Dunstans team were David Poyner, Bert Nelson, Paul Palmer and Patrick Sidnal.
Sunday was against Clickers archery team, from Norwich and Southampton University. The round shot was a Portsmouth. St. Dunstans archers won the match against Clickers and came 2nd against Southampton University. Our team were Bert Nelson, Peter Price, Paul Palmer and Patrick Sidnal.

On Sunday 13th May Marjorie, Pat and Peter Price went to the Royal Toxophilite shooting ground at Burnham Beeches. The shoot was a Burntwood Albion sponsored by the worshipful Company of Fletchers. 5 visually impaired archers competed. Peter won the male category.

At the British Blind Sport National archery Championships held at lilleshall in April our archers achieved 4 firsts and 3 second places. Marjorie and Pat both broke national records. At the aGM Peter Price was elected as secretary and David re-elected as chair of British Blind Sport Archery section. On the Sunday a Worcester round was shot and Peter Price won the handicap shoot.

Historic news. On Tuesday March21st St. Dunstans changed its name to Blind Veterans Uk.

Our indoor week was 4th-10th February with 15 archers competing.
Sunday was a day of matches. The round was a Portsmouth. The morning one was versus Hellingly but only 2 archers made it through the snow. We won with Doug Rogers and Peter Price being the winning team. The afternoon it was versus Havant & Hayling and Southampton University. Havant & Hayling won, Southampton University 2nd and we were third.
Monday was a Bray 1. It was won by John Bower, Doug Rogers 2nd and Clive Jones 3rd.
Tuesday was a Portsmouth. Peter Price was 1st, Doug Rogers 2nd and Leslie george 3rd.
Wednesday was a Worcester for the Laurie Austin cup. It was won by Peter Price, Paul Palmer 2nd and Kelvin Platt 3rd.
Thursday was a FITA 25. The club shoot was won by Michael Foreman, Bert Nelson 2nd and Clive Jones 3rd. In the evening was a match versus Ditchling. It was stopped after 4 dozen due to heavy snow and worries about people leaving St. Dunstans. It was a win for St. Dunstans. Our winning team was Marjorie Scott, Norman Perry, Kelvin Platt and Peter Price.
Friday was a FITA 18 for the Longhill trophy which was won by Peter Price with Bert Nelson 2nd and Kelvin Platt 3rd.

The AGM saw Peter Hammond stand down and Peter Price elected onto the committee. The club committee are as follows.

Chairman David Poyner
Vice chairman Clive Jones
John Bower
Marjorie Scot
Peter Price
Keith Lanchester-Harding

The GNAS handicap medal was awarded to Peter Hammond. The Gaygan Gold was awarded to Keith Lanchester-Harding. The tactile archers’ gold was awarded to Peter Hammond.hich is awarded to t

In January Pat broke the National Record for a FITA 18.

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