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November saw 6 archers and spotters travel to Norwich for our shoot against Thorpe Hamlet. I am pleased to say that we claimed the trophy back. The winning team was Peter Price, David Poyner, John Bower and Carol Sharpe. The longbow challenge between Graham Harris and David Poyner was won by David on a straight score, 534 to 421.

In September once again only 5 of our archers attended the BBS National Outdoors We were very successful and came away with 3 firsts and 2 seconds. Pat Sidnell won the handicap shoot which took place later that day.

The new target shed was installed and during the week it was fitted out. August archery week results.
Sunday 25th we hosted a shoot against Ditchling, the round was a Junior Western. We won the match 5983 to 5761 very close. OUr winning team was Carol Sharp, Sandy , Peter Price and Michael.
Monday saw us shooting our Club Championships, the round was a Bristol 4. The club champions in their respective categories were: John Bower 636, Peter Price 1068 and Keith Lanchester-Harding 1234. The top handicap adjusted medal went Carol Sharp. Best gold went to Peter Price, worst white went to Doug. The Toro trophy for worst red went to Norman.
Tuesday's round was a Junior Warwick. The winners on a handicap adjusted score was Carol Sharp first, Keith second and Michael third.
Wednesday was our match against Greenways. The round was a St. Nicholas. We won 5893 to 5880, wow that was close! Our team was Carol Sharp, Norman, Peter Price and Michael. Bob Strickland shot his first scoring round.
Thursday's round was a Metric 5. First place went to Peter Price, Leslie second and Doug was third.
Friday's round was a Burntwood Western. Carol Sharp aaas first, Michael second and Norman was third.
In the evening we held our annual club championships evening. Friends from local archery clubs attended. Lesley Garven, the centre manager, was our Lady Paramount. The medals and trophies for the club championships and the week's shoots were handed out. The Silly Ass trophy went to Carolyn Day for trusting that the chairman's words are the truth, and he certainly wouldn't play a prank on anyone.

Sunday 26th May saw the start of the first outdoor archery week. We went to Ditchling for a Short Windsor. we won the match, our winning team was Peter Price, Pat Sidnell, Paul Palmer and Norman Perry.
Monday 27th was a St. Nicholas for our own club. On a handicap score John Bower first, David Poyner second and Peter Price third.
Tuesday 28th was the tri-service shoot at H.M. S. Collingwood where we shot a Short Junior Western on a covered field. We were beaten by the Army and The R.A.F. but beat the RRoyal Navy. Our team was John Bower, Peter Price, Paul Palmer and David Poyner.
Wednesday 29th, the round was a Long Metric 5. On a handicap basis Carol Sharp first, Peter Price second and David Poyner third.
Friday 31st was the a match between our archers for the RUC Pairs trophy. Peter Price and John Bower were first, David Poyner and Michael foreman second.
Saturday 1st June saw us hosting a match against Ditchling and Newhaven. The round was a Junior Western. I am please to say that we came first with our winning team being John Bower, Peter Price, Paul Palmer and Sandy Donnelly.
Sunday 2nd we hosted another match against Clickers Archery, Norwich and Southampton University. The round was a Junior Western.The scores are incredibly close. Clickers won with 5971, we were second with 5951 and Southampton University were third with 5935. Our team was Sandy Donnelly, Peter Price, John Bower and Norman Perry. The longbow challenge between Graham Harris and David Poyner was won by David with only 4 points in it.

On Sunday 19th May Paul Palmer and Peter Price attended the Worshipful Company of Fletchers shoot for archers with an impairment. Peter came first and Paul set a new club record.

At the British Blind Indoor Archery Championships we had 5 archers representing our archery club. We had 3 firsts, 1 second and 1 third. As this round had not been shot before at a national indoor before, many records wee set.

Our indoor archery week started off with us winning what turned out to be our first and only match which was against Southampton University. The score was 4861 to 4820. Our team was Bert, Doug, Paul and Pat. The rest of the week was plagued by illness. Many archers were too ill to turn up on the shooting line and when the building was closed no spotters or visiting teams could take part in the week's archery.

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