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In november Carole Sharpe, Graham Walker, John Bower, Sandy Donnelly and David Poyner accompanied by their spotters made the journey to Norwich. This is for our annual match with Thorpe Ham;et Archery Club organised by Graham Harris of Clickers Archery. Lord Paramount for the shoot was Michael Peart, chief coach of Archery GB's Paralympic squad.
It was a great match with the result being close. We won 8915 to 8845 our winning team being Carole, Sandy and Graham.
In the evening many of the "locals' joined us at our hotel for a very enjoyable evening.

British Blind Sport National Archery Outdoor Championships, Lilleshall.
12 - 14 September 2014
An excellent turnout for us with 11 of our archers competing in the national championships. This was our first time shooting a WA 1440 round, which is the recognised round for Paralympic events. With 12 dozen arrows at 30 metres, the face size changes from 60cm to 80cm and finally 122cm.
Results:  B1 Tactile Silver - John Bower Bronze - Paul Palmer
B2/b3 Tactile Silver - Peter Price
I. Open Recurve Silver - Tom Roddy Bronze - Graham Walker -
National Records were set by: Carol Davies - B2/3 Recurve David Poyner - B2/3 Longbow
The David Christie award was won by Peter Price
Sunday was a Long Metric 4; this round isn’t just between the visually impaired archers, but against a sighted team of spotters and volunteers which I am pleased to say we won, with Carol Davies, John Cunnington and Bert Nelson in the winning team.

Fifteen archers attended the August archery week at Ovingdean and we were delighted to welcome Hazel Hockley and Paul Holmes, 2 visually impaired archers from Melbourne in Australia. They came to increase their knowledge and prowess, and see how they compared with our scores.
Saturday was set up and equipment check for archers who do not shoot away from Ovingdean, with the opportunity for coaching and practise for those who wanted to.
Our annual match against sighted Ditchling Archery Club took place on Sunday, with us shooting a Junior Western round. Some incredible shooting on both teams saw a close result with us scoring 5988 to Ditchling’s 5963. Our winning team was Carole Sharpe, Bert Nelson, John Cunnington and Kelvin Platt.
Monday and Tuesday saw us indoors due to the wonderful Bank Holiday weather. We shot a World Archery Visually impaired indoor round (WA VI Indoors) for the first time on Monday. This round is 5 dozen arrows at 18 metres on a 60cm face. John Cunnington was first with Sandy Donnelly second.
Tuesday was a Bray 1 which was won by Michael Foreman, with John Cunnington second and Kelvin Platt third.
Our club championship shoot took place on Wednesday, with everyone taking part in a Bristol 4 round. John Bower won the totally blind category with Leslie George second. The tactile category was won by Peter Price with Bert Nelson second. VI Open recurve was won by John Cunnington - with Graham Walker losing out by only 1 point. The VI Open compound was won by Pat Sidnell. The barebow category was won by Michael Foreman and Carole Sharpe won the ladies category.
Target prizes were awarded to David Poyner, Bob Strickland, Carole Sharpe, Paul Palmer and Peter Price.
John Cunnington won the handicap medal with Leslie George second.
Thursday saw us shoot a Long Metric 5 for the Spurway Cup with Leslie George the winner, John Cunnington second and Sandy Donnelly third. In the afternoon we were visited by the Worshipful Company of Fletchers, who actively fund and support a range of disability archery events as well as individual archers. They take a keen interest in our activities.
Friday saw us shoot a Burntwood Albion. This was won by Carole Sharpe, with Bert Nelson second and John Bower third.
The annual club championships presentation evening in the Winter Garden took place on Friday evening. Our Lord Paramount for the evening was Barry Porter, our Interim Chief Executive and Director of Welfare. Barry gave a well-received speech and presented the trophies and medals.
The Morecambe trophy, awarded by the coaches on effort, achievement and contribution to the club, went to Graham Walker.
A special mention must go to Brian Muggridge, our vice-president, who once again won the Eeyore trophy.

In August David Poyner competed at the British Transplant Games and won gold.

In June Peter Price attended training camps at Stoke Mandeville for the Invictus Games.

In January Peter Price shot a Stafford at Norfolk Bowmen and not only shot a club record but also a National Record with a score of 492.

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