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7 archers and spotters made the annual trip to Norwich in November to compete against City of Norwich archers and Team Clickers.
The result was incredibly close and proves that the handicap system works regardless of impairment. We were beaten 11661 to 11644, only 17 points in it!
Our team was Carol Davies, John Cunnington, Dennis Murphy and Graham walker.

See is the finals of the World Archery VI head to head finals in Germany August 2015.

This link points to an article in the International Paralympic Committee’s magazine. the article is about the Visually Impaired archers competition at the Worlds in Germany in August.

From 22nd to 30th August the first World visually impaired archery competition, in the categories VI 1 and VI 2/3, took place. These were the categories that David Poyner proposed to World Archery in August 2012.
The event took place in Donaueschingen, Germany and 8 archers from around the world competed.
Peter Price competed in the VI 2/3 category and brought home a silver. A fantastic achievement.
Roger Rees-Evans (GB) won silver in the VI 1 category and Steve Prowse (GB) gold in VI 2/3 and Carmel Bassett bronze in the VI 2/3. A great start for Great Britain’visually impaired archers in this new event.

13 archers attended the August archery week (17th to 21st). This week was shortened by the charity so we can only shoot from Monday to Friday.

Monday saw us shoot a Junior National. The winners were Bob Strickland first, John Cunnington second and Kelvin Platt third.
Tuesday was our club championship shoot. the round was a Bristol 4. Totally blind winner was John Bower, Tactile winner was David Poyner, VI Open recurve winner was John Cunnington and VI Open compound winner was Patrick Sidnell.
Wednesday was a Junior Western against Havant & Hayling. The scores were 6002 to us and the visitors scored 5811. Our winning team was Paul Palmer, Bob Strickland, John Cunnington and John Bower.
Thursday was a Junior Western against Ditching and Hellingly. We won with a score of5961, Ditching scored5883 and Hellingly scored 5770. Our team was Dennis Murphy, David Poyner, Paul Palmer and John Cunnington.
Friday saw us shooting a Long Metric 4. The winner of the Royal Insurance trophy was Dennis Murphy with Patrick Sidnell second and John Bower third.
A lot of arrows were shot in a short week 48 dozen in all!
Friday evening was our presentation evening. Mrs Jackie Greer was our Lady P. Friends from local archery clubs attended. Trophies and medals from the week’s shooting were awarded and his year the Silly Ass trophy was awarded to Robert harvey.

British Blind Sport (BBS) Archery has appointed Graham Rees-Evans to manage the team of visually impaired (VI) archers who will be competing as part of the GB Para Archery Team in the World Championships in August. This is the first time VI archers will have their own competition within the World Championships, and is a significant move towards VI archery gaining wider recognition at international competition level. Graham will join the Archery GB staff team for this event.
An experienced archer, Graham has worked with VI archers from a young age and is logistics manager for the two national BBS Archery events held each year. His daytime job is developing and testing adaptive software for disabled users, and sharing that knowledge across the world. Graham is well known by many Blind Veterans UK Bowmen, through their attendance at the BBS national championships

Our indoor archery started on Saturday 7th March Archers spent the day in a coaching/practice session. Unfortunately due to illness, some of the coaches were unable to be there with us. However, Sue Habgood did a grand job guiding us through the session.
Sunday 8th March A team was selected from Blind Veterans Bowmen to take part in a competition against Hellingly Archery Club. A Portsmouth round was shot, which means archers would shoot 1 set of five dozen arrows on a 60cm face at 20 yards. The outcome of the competition resulted in a win for Blind Veterans UK Bowmen. Members of the winning team were John Cunnington, Peter Price, Carole Sharpe and Carol Davies. Unfortunately the University of Southampton had to cancel their afternoon match against us. However, some of the archers from Hellingly stayed behind to shoot again with archers who had not shot in the morning competition, so everyone was happy.
Monday 8th March Blind Veterans UK Bowmen shot a Worcester round, which is a set of 5 dozen arrows at 20 yards. The round is shot on two special 16 inch faces, one above the other. Competition results: Paul Palmer first, John Cunnington second, with David Poyner taking third place.
Our Annual General Meeting was held in the late afternoon, where the Gaygan Gold Trophy was awarded to Peter Price. This trophy is awarded every year to the archer who shoots the most arrows into the gold during the club's season at Ovingdean. John Cunnington was awarded the Archery GB Handicap Improvers Medal for the greatest reduction in handicap throughout the 2014 outdoor season. Many congratulations to both archers for their achievements.
Tuesday 10th March Once again a Portsmouth round was shot, this time between the Blind Veterans UK Bowmen for the Longhill Trophy. This was won by Carol Davies, runner-up John Wednesday 11th March We shot the “World Archery Visually Impaired indoor” or, as in most things, abbreviated to (WAVI indoor). The winner of this round was Robert Harvey, in second place Kelvin Platt, followed by Tom Roddy in third place.
Thursday 12th March  The club shoot today was a FITA 25, which is one set of 5 dozen arrows shot on a 60cm face at 25 metres. This inter club competition was being shot for the Laurie Austin Trophy. The winner was Tom Roddy, in second place Dennis Murphy, followed by Kelvin Platt in third place. In the evening we took on Ditchling Archery Club shooting the FITA 25 round. It was very close, however Blind Veterans Bowmen eventually won by 94 points. The winning team members were Paul Palmer, David Poyner, Tom Roddy, and Carol Davies.
Friday 13th March The FITA 18 was our last shoot of the week. This round consists of 1 set of 5 dozen arrows shot on a 40cm face at 18 metres. The winner was Dennis Murphy, in second place Tom Roddy, followed by Robert Harvey in third place. The archer’s scores from the 18 and 25 metre FITA’S were then added together to make a combined FITA for the Marjorie Scott Shield which was won by Dennis Murphy, followed in second place by Tom Roddy, with Paul Palmer taking third place.
Friday night saw us in the Blue Room where the cups and medals were presented by our Lady P for the evening Babs Muggridge to the lucky winners of the week’s first shoot of the season. After an absence of 10 years it was great to welcome back Tom Roddy and what a successful week he had.  Robert Harvey had a good result on his first archery week, as did Dennis Murphy on his first indoor competition.

In February Peter Price went to Deer Park archers to shoot in the event for impaired archers.

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