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November saw 5 of our archers and their spotters travel to Norwich for our shoot against City of Norwich Archers. We won by 301 which makes up for losing so narrowly last year. Peter Price shot a Robin Hood!

In October we took delivery of 3 Danage bosses for the outdoor field. These had been purchased with a grant from the worshipful Company of Fletchers.

4 archers went to the British blind Sport outdoor archery championships at Lilleshall. We cam away with a first, second, third and a fourth.

The August week had 13 archers on the line at one time or another. We welcome Sue Eyles. Monday saw our home match against Clickers. It is pleasing to say that we won by 124 points. Our team was John Bower, Dennis Murphy, Jocky Elliot and Peter Price. Tuesday was a Junior National. This was won by John Bower, Jocky Elliot second and Derek McDonald third. Wednesday was our Club Championship shoot, the round was a Bristol 4.

Our club champions for 2016 are: Totally blind John Bower Tactile Peter Price VI Open recurve Graham Walker VI Open compound John Cunnington Lady Carol Davies Barebow Jocky Elliot Longbow Dennis Murphy

Thursday was a St. Nocholas winner was John Bower, second Jocky Elliot and Derek McDonald was third. In the afternoon we had a visit by the Worshipful company of Fletchers who we are always pleased to see. Friday was a coaching day indoors and the club championships presentation followed in the evening. Our Lady P was Annette Colett a long standing friend and supporter of the club from Ditchling AC..

Our first outdoor week took place with some days being wintry. 11 archers attended and we were please to welcome Jocky Elliot. The Monday round was a Junior Western which was won by Bob Strickland with Graham Walker second and John Bower third. Tuesday was shot indoors due to the weather. A Portsmouth was shot and on straight scores John Cunnington was first with Graham walker second and Derek McDonald third. Wednesday was the Tri-Services shoot which took place at HMS Sultan. The round was a Junior Western shot indoors. We won the match with our team consisting of Bob Strickland, Graham Walker, John Bower and Peter Price. Thursday was a Long Metric 5 with Paul Palmer first, Carol Davies second and Bob Strickland third. Friday was the RUC pairs with Peter Price and Jocky Elliot being the winning pair. Second was Graham Walker and John Bower with John Cunnington and Bob Strickland third.

In May, just in time for the first outdoor archery week a new buggy arrived.

In April World Archery held their Paralympic European championships in France. There was a VI competition and Carol Davies competed.

At the British Blind Sport Archery national indoor 5 of our archers took part. From the championship round we came away with 2 firsts, 2 seconds and 1 third. Well done John Bower, John Cunnington, David Poyner, Graham Walker and Carol Davies.
The Sunday round was a Worcester where the VI archers shoot against the sighted archers, the winning team being determined by handicap adjusted scores. I am pleased to say that Team VI beat Team Sighted. John Cunnington and Graham Walker were in the winning team.

Our indoor week was earlier this year being in February and competitions took place between Monday and Friday only. Derek McDonald joined the club. It was great to see Dennis Cook return after a few years absence. John Cunnington has changed from left handed recurve to right handed compound. Monday was aBray1 with time for practice afterwards. This was won by Peter Price shooting to an amazing handicap of 42. Dennis Cook was second with John Cunnington coming third.

At the Annual General Meeting David Poyner was re-elected as chair and Peter Price, John Bower and Graham Walker re-elected as committee members. John Cunnington was elected as vice-chair and Dennis Murphy was elected as a committee member.

The Tuesday round was a Portsmouth which was won by Peter Price, Leslie George second and Dennis Murphy third. In the evening we had a match against Hellingly which we lost by 106. Our team was David Poyner, Dennis Cook, Dennis Murphy and Graham Walker. Wednesday was a Worcester round which was won by John Cunnington with Bob Strickland second and Dennis Cook third. Thursday was a WA 25m which was won by John Bower, with Bob Strickland second and John Cunnington third. In the evening we had a match against Ditchling which I am pleased to say that we won by 26 points. Our winning team was Dennis Cook, John Cunnington, Graham Walker and Peter Price. Friday’s round was a WA 18 which was won by Robert Harvey with John Cunnington second and Graham Walker third. The Marjorie Scott trophy is awarded to the winner of the World Archery Combined round which is the WA 25 and WA 18 combined. The winner was Robert Harvey with John Cunnington second and Graham Walker third.

Three archers went straight from our week to the Deer Park shoot at Cheltenham which is the shoot for impaired archers. I am pleased to say that John Cunnington and Peter Price each won their respective categories.

The following weekend Carol Davies took part in the Visually Impaired Archery Tournament near Nantes, France.

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