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In November a Dutch Barn was erected in front of the archery huts. This had been presented to the charity, after it had been used at the RHS show.

In November 5 archers travelled to Norwich for the annual shoot against Team Clickers. Unfortunately we were soundly beaten by over 800 points. Once again Clickers Archery were excellent hosts and everything was well organised.

In September 5 archers went to the British blind Sport Archery outdoor championships at Lilleshall, Shropshire. We achieved 1 first, 2 seconds and 2 fourths. The weather on the Saturday was hot with barbecues, picnics and shorts being the order of the day. Sunday was a different matter with strong winds, rain and cold. Derek McDonald won the handicap round on the Sunday and team VI once again beat Team sighted 4408 to 4253

9 archers attended the second outdoor archery week which took place in August. We welcomed Thomas and his wife Gabi. a VI archer from Germany. He had come along to learn more and receive coaching from our experienced coaches.
The week started with a match against Clickers Archery, from Norwich. We won the match and our winning team was Jocky Elliott, Derek McDonald, Graham Walker and Dennis Murphy. Dennis has taken up shooting a Horse Bow and is obviously doing well with it.
It is certainly appreciated the distance the Clickers archers travel to come and shoot against us.
Tuesday was a Junior National. Dennis Murphy was first, Carol Davies second and Paul Palmer third.
Wednesday was our Club Championships competition.The round was a Bristol 4.Club championships in their respective categories are: Totally Blind - John Bower Tactile Archer - Peter Price Bowsight Recurve - Graham Walker Bowsight Compound - John Cunnington Barebow - Jocky Elliott Ladies Archer - Carol Davies The handicap medal went to Derek McDonald.
Thursday was a Long Metric 5. Derek McDonald was first with Carol Davies and Peter Price third. Friday was a shoot with the staff.That was a very enjoyable day.
Friday evening was our presentation event in the Winter Garden. The Lord P for the evening was Chris Kirk, centre transport manager. Once again a splendid buffet had been laid on.

9 archers attended the first outdoor week in early June We welcomed Jo Long and Michael Surgeoner to the club. The weather was bad and started with high winds. So for safety we had to go indoors for the first 3 days of shooting.
The Monday was a match versus Ditchling which was a WA 25m shot indoors. We won 5709 to 5538. Our team was Carol Davies, John Bower, Derek McDonald and Graham Walker.
Tuesday should have been the Tri-service shoot which we had to cancel as we cannot fit 4 teams in our indoor hall. Next year it will be at HMS Sultan which has the facility, if necessary, for holding an indoor competition for all 4 clubs.
So Tuesday was a Portsmouth, shot indoors, which was won by Derek McDonald with Graham Walker second and Carol Davies third.
Wednesday was a Bray 1 which was won by Leslie George, , Derek McDonald second and carol Davies third.
Thursday we finally moved outdoors and shot a Junior Western. This was won By Derek McDonald with Carol Davies second and graham Walker third.
Friday was again outdoors and was a Long Metric 5 which was won by David Poyner with Graham Walker second and Peter Price third.

In April 6 of our archers and their spotters went to the British Blind Sport archery indoor championships. Our archers achieved one first, two seconds, one third and two fourths.

Our year started with our indoor archery week. 9 archers attended. The Monday round was a Bray 1. This competition was for the Laurie Austin Trophy which was won by Derek McDonald with Carol Davies second and Graham Walker third.
Tuesday was a match against Hellingly. The round was a Portsmouth. We won by 5903 to 5778. A win by 131 points. Our team was Paul Palmer, Derek McDonald, John Cunnington and Graham Walker.
Wednesday’s round was a Worcester which for some bizarre reason was shot on a single face. The winner was Derek McDonald with Paul Palmer second and Jocky Elliot third.
Thursday was our match against Ditchling. The round was a WA 25metre. We won by the tightest of margins. 5965 to 5943, 22 points in it! Our winning team was Carol Davies, John Davies, Graham Walker and Derek McDonald.
Friday’s round was a WA 18metres. This competition was for the Longhill Trophy. This was won by Graham Walker, Derek McDonald second with Paul Palmer second.
The WA25 and WA18 are combined to give a Combined result. The winner was Derek McDonald, Graham Walker second and Carol Davies third.

At our Annual General Meeting the committee remained the same. David Poyner chair, John Cunnington vice-chair, Peter Price, John Bower, Dennis Murphy and Graham Walker as committee members.

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