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In April 6 of our archers and their spotters went to the British Blind Sport archery indoor championships. Our archers achieved one first, two seconds, one third and two fourths.

Our year started with our indoor archery week. 9 archers attended. The Monday round was a Bray 1. This competition was for the Laurie Austin Trophy which was won by Derek McDonald with Carol Davies second and Graham Walker third.
Tuesday was a match against Hellingly. The round was a Portsmouth. We won by 5903 to 5778. A win by 131 points. Our team was Paul Palmer, Derek McDonald, John Cunnington and Graham Walker.
Wednesday’s round was a Worcester which for some bizarre reason was shot on a single face. The winner was Derek McDonald with Paul Palmer second and Jocky Elliot third.
Thursday was our match against Ditchling. The round was a WA 25metre. We won by the tightest of margins. 5965 to 5943, 22 points in it! Our winning team was Carol Davies, John Davies, Graham Walker and Derek McDonald.
Friday’s round was a WA 18metres. This competition was for the Longhill Trophy. This was won by Graham Walker, Derek McDonald second with Paul Palmer second.
The WA25 and WA18 are combined to give a Combined result. The winner was Derek McDonald, Graham Walker second and Carol Davies third.

At our Annual General Meeting the committee remained the same. David Poyner chair, John Cunnington vice-chair, Peter Price, John Bower, Dennis Murphy and Graham Walker as committee members.

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