Blind Veterans UK Bowmen formerly St Dunstans

Tactile - Compound Records

Last Updated 28/11/2017

Club Records

Bristol 4Peter Price110216/8/17
Short WindsorDavid Poyner 6319/6/03
Junior WindsorDavid Poyner 72812/6/04
Short WesternDavid Poyner 4938/6/03
Junior WesternPeter Price7147/6/14
St. NicholasPeter Price58828/8/13
Junior NationalPat Sidnell44331/5/11
Junior WarwickPeter Price34827/8/14
Long Metric 4David Poyner 47812/6/03
Long Metric 5Peter Price62217/8/17
Short Metric 2Derek Hagger 42829/8/02
Short Metric 3David Poyner 43729/8/05
FrostbitePeter Price2196/6/14
Double FrostbitePeter Price4496/6/14
V.I.I.R.David Poyner 78228/8/05
Burntwood HerefordDavid Poyner 7237/6/04
Burntwood WesternPeter Price48730/8/14
PortsmouthPeter Price51116/2/16
Bray 1Peter Price 23315/2/16
WorcesterPeter Price 21917/2/16
WA 18metrePeter Price41619/2/16
WA 25metrePeter Price46719/2/16
WA Combined (over 2 days)Peter Price83319/2/16
WA CombinedPeter Price80814/3/14

Tactile - Compound Away Records

YorkDavid Poyner34026/3/04Bruntwood
HerefordDavid Poyner5086/5/05Lyneakers
Bristol 2Pat Sidnell77510/7/11Sussex Champs
Bristol 3Peter Price93216/6/13Cambridgeshire Champs
WindsorPat Sidnell58812/5/11Ditchling
Short WindsorPeter Price7342/5/16Fakenham Bowmen
Long WesternDavid Poyner40020/7/05Bruntwood
WesternPat Sidnell51026/6/11Chippenham
Junior WesternPat Sidnell5103/6/14HMS Collingwood
AmericanPeter Price6013/7/166 Villages AC
Double AmericanDavid Poyner6714/9/05Chatsworth
New NationalDavid Poyner10726/4/03Lyneakers
Long NationalDavid Poyner25524/9/04Bruntwood
NationalPat Sidnell45219/5/11Chippenham
Short NationalPeter Price4817/5/16Ramsey Ravens AC
Junior WarwickPat Sidnell33612/9/10BBS Lilleshall
FITA 70David Poyner26826/4/04Lyneakers
Metric 2David Poyner45429/9/02Bruntwood
Long Metric 1David Poyner3155/7/04Bruntwood
Long Metric 2David Poyner33312/6/05Bruntwood
Long Metric 3David Poyner41720/6/10Bruntwood
Long Metric 4David Poyner3789/9/12Lilleshall
Short MetricDavid Poyner3499/7/06Bruntwood
FrostbiteDavid Poyner24016/1/05Bruntwood
V.I.I.R.David Poyner71812/9/09BBS Lilleshall
Double V.I.I.R.David Poyner140217/8/04Long Mynd
Burntwood M1 (Long Metric)David Poyner24525/7/05Long Mynd
Burntwood M2 (Short Metric Metric)David Poyner49016/8/04Long Mynd
Burntwood YorkDavid Poyner65120/6/04Lancashire
PortsmouthPeter Price50219/11/16City of NorwichNorwich
Double PortsmouthPeter Price100119/11/16City of Norwich
WorcesterPat Sidnell14217/4/11BBS Lilleshall
Bray 1David Poyner1471/4/05Bruntwood
StaffordPeter Price46212/1/14Norfolk Bowmen
18metre FITADavid Poyner3165/3/03Bruntwood
25metre FITADavid Poyner3355/4/09BBS Lilleshall

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