Blind Veterans UK Bowmen formerly St Dunstans

Tactile - Longbow Records

Last Updated 23/6/14

Club Records

Junior WesternDavid Poyner 3578/6/14
St. NicholasDavid Poyner30928/8/13
Junior WarwickDavid Poyner 16330/8/13
Long Metric 5David Poyner 3745/6/14
Burntwood WesternDavid Poyner 34930/8/13
PortsmouthDavid Poyner 17117/2/13
Bray 1David Poyner 9318/2/13

Tactile - Longbow Away Records

Short WindsorDavid Poyner34926/5/13Ditchling
Short Junior WesternDavid Poyner47528/5/14HMS Collingwood
Junior NationalDavid Poyner28127/7/09Bruntwood
Short WarwickDavid Poyner14322/5/13Bruntwood
Double PortsmouthDavid Poyner53417/11/13Norwich
PortsmouthDavid Poyner29326/1/13Bruntwood
PortsmouthDavid Poyner2906/4/13Lilleshall
WorcesterDavid Poyner597/4/13Lilleshall
Combined FITADavid Poyner2906/4/13Lilleshall
25m FITADavid Poyner1696/4/13Lilleshall
18metre FITADavid Poyner1216/4/13Lilleshall

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