St. Dunstans Archery Club

Tactile - Recurve Records

Last Updated 15/5/12

Club Records

Bristol 4Pat Sidnell 98625/8/08
Short WindsorJohn Lilley 6359/6/03
Junior WindsorTerry Ottewell 66612/6/04
Short WesternJohn Lilley 42513/6/03
Short WarwickTerry Ottewell 2851/9/04
Junior WesternPat Sidnell 68531/8/09
Junior NationalPat Sidnell 48226/5/09
Short Junior NationalRon Jones 32031/8/07
St. NicholasPat Sidnell 5551/6/07
Junior WarwickTerry Ottewell 2851/9/04
Long Metric 4Terry Ottewell 35127/8/03
Long Metric 5Doug Rogers53129/8/10
Short Metric 3Pat Sidnell 39326/8/07
FrostbitePat Sidnell 16531/5/07
Double FrostbiteTerry Ottewell 4001/6/06
V.I.I.R.John Lilley 69714/6/03
Burntwood YorkPat Sidnell7944/9/09
PortsmouthPeter Price50410/6/12
Bray 1Doug Rogers10424/8/08
WorcesterPat Sidnell20019/1/10
18metre FITABert Wood29916/2/03
25metre FITAPat Sidnell37422/1/10

Tactile - Recurve Away Records

Bristol 3Peter Price87417/6/12Cambridge AA
WindsorPat Sidnell60413/6/09Ditchling
WesternPat Sidnell34110/5/09Newhaven
Long NationalPeter Price1811/7/12Army Association Championships
Junior WarwickPeter Price32611/9/11BBS Lilleshall
FITA 70John Lilley15917/10/03Bruntwood
FrostbitePat Sidnell2165/12/09Chippenham
V.I.I.R.Pat Sidnell88512/9/09BBS Lilleshall
Burntwood AlbionPeter Price62613/5/12Burnham Beeches
PortsmouthJohn Lilley42015/11/03Norwich
Double PortsmouthJohn Lilley84915/11/03Norwich
WorcesterPeter Price17715/4/11BBS Lilleshall
18metre FITAJohn Lilley30812/12/04Newport
25metre FITAPat Sidnell3225/4/09BBS Lilleshall

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