St. Dunstans Archery Club

Totally Blind - Compound Records

Last Updated 27/6/14

Club Records

Bristol 4Peter Hammond 105025/8/08
Short WindsorNorman Perry4379/6/03
Junior WindsorNorman Perry44012/6/04
Short WesternNorman Perry37613/6/03
Junior WesternPeter Hammond72830/8/08
St. NicholasPeter Hammond5834/6/06
Junior NationalPeter Hammond48222/5/09
Junior WarwickPeter Hammond34422/8/05
Long Metric 4Norman Perry31428/8/03
Long Metric 5Norman Perry35026/8/07
Short Metric 3Peter Hammond48829/8/05
Frostbite Peter Hammond24828/5/09
Double FrostbitePeter Hammond50727/8/08
V.I.I.R.Peter Hammond76828/8/05
Burntwood HerefordPeter Hammond8364/9/09
PortsmouthPeter Hammond44213/10/09
Bray 1Peter Hammond15924/8/08
WorcesterNorman Perry10622/1/09
18 metre FITAPeter Hammond3033/2/05
25 Metre FITAPeter Hammond37522/1/10

Totally Blind - Compound Away Records

WindsorPeter Hammond58613/6/10Ditchling
WesternPeter Hammond5219/5/10Newhaven
Short WesternPeter Hammond50310/5/09Newhaven
Long NationalClive Jones791/7/12Army Association Championships
Junior WarwickPeter Hammond37013/9/09BBS Lilleshall
V.I.I.R.Peter Hammond82013/7/08Sussex
Double PortsmouthPeter Hammond7984/4/09BBS Lilleshall
WorcesterPeter Hammond10417/4/11BBS Lilleshall
25metre FITAPeter Hammond3671/4/07BBS Lilleshall

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