Blind Veterans UK Bowmen formerly St Dunstans

Totally Blind - Recurve Records

Last Updated 23/10/19

Club Records

Bristol 4Clive Jones 76831/8/07
Short WindsorTony Parkinson4749/6/03
Junior WindsorTony Parkinson59212/6/04
Short WesternTony Parkinson 41513/6/03
Junior WesternClive Jones 5611/9/07
Short Junior WesternPaul Palmer5221/6/16
St. NicholasClive Jones 3921/6/07
Junior NationalClive Jones 2242/9/06
Short Junior NationalClive Jones 22131/8/07
Junior WarwickTony Parkinson 2471/9/04
Long Metric 4Clive Jones 26027/8/03
Long Metric 5John Bower4315/6/14
Short Metric 3Clive Jones 23526/8/07
FrostbiteCarole Sharpe1246/6/14
Double FrostbiteCarole Sharpe2716/6/14
V.I.I.R.Clive Jones 42014/6/03
Burntwood HerefordTony Parkinson 5047/6/04
Burntwood WesternCarole Sharpe25630/8/13
PortsmouthTony Parkinson 35120/1/04
WorcesterJohn Bower 11328/3/10
WA 18metreTony Parkinson 1973/2/05
WA 25metreJohn Bower22918/2/16
WA Combined (Over 2 days)John Bower34619/2/16

Totally Blind - Recurve Away Records

Short WindsorJohn Bower3361/6/14Ditchling
WesternClive Jones1649/7/06Much Wenlock Olympiad
Short WesternClive Jones20024/8/03Newhaven
Junior WesternPaul Palmer44126/8/19HMS Sultan
New NationalClive Jones3526/4/03Lyneakers
Junior NationalPaul Palmer2256/12/14Bath Archers
Junior WarwickJohn Bower25912/9/10BBS Lilleshall
Burntwood AlbionPaul Palmer29919/5/13Royal Toxophilite Society
V.I.I.R.Tony Parkinson56519/6/04Lancashire
Double V.I.I.R.Harry Docherty54310/7/05Bronte
PortsmouthJohn Bower27919/11/16City of Norwich
Double PortsmouthJohn Bower56619/11/16City of Norwich
WorcesterJohn Bower11328/3/10BBS Lilleshall
25metre FITAHarry Docherty2275/4/09BBS Lilleshall
Combined FITAHarry Docherty37624/2/08Whitburn

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